We care about future nutrition

so that our children will have enough.

world faces shortage of protein in future

we need to produce more with less recources and less space​

+ 100%

demand for animal products will double by 2030

9,5 billion

is the estimated world population by the year 2050


more than a third of global arable land lost already, and decrease is continuing


of global greenhouse gas emissions driven by livestock rearing and processing


arable land is occupied by livestock

Mission Statement.

Climate change, population growth, scarcity of agricultural land and the imbalance of global consumption force us to think about how our children will be eating in the future and should.

"In my view, the future of food is mindfully created proteins for humans and animals. This will create a balance between performance-oriented products and the survival of our planet."
Christoph Bauer
Founder and CEO

We do good food.

At onefuturefoods we create products, solutions and find resources that give answers to the challenges.

We support the global UN goals
of sustainable development

Zero Hunger

Good Health and Well-Beeing

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Responsible Production and Consumption

Climate Action

Life on Land

Partnerships for the Goals


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